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Gil and Stephen are thieves, with a specialty in heists.  What begins as a calm night scoring an easy bit of gold at a tavern turns into the opportunity of a lifetime: a heist on the Duke of Veracles.  Gil, Stephen, and an unexpected ally set out to rob the duke of his newest possession, a powerful artifact known as the Shard of Dirath.

"The Heist of Cardell Castle" is a short story RPG that was made for the game jam "You Got It, Now Use It."  It featuring strategic battles, puzzles, and a compelling storyline.  The game has two different but satisfying endings.

Published 12 days ago
AuthorCrucible Gaming
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags2D, Game Jam, heist, My First Game Jam, RPG Maker, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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A really good frame work and start for an rpg adventure my full play through with more of an extended review at 22:35: 


Hey Fluffey,

I really appreciate your feedback.  Your video was super entertaining and funny and as a dev, I can't express the joy I felt when watching somebody play my game and enjoy it.  I'll definitely give you a like and a sub for that.  Your feedback made a lot of sense.  One of our requirements was getting all of the criteria for the jam within 30 minutes, so a lot of the feedback you had regarding time was constrained because of that.  That being said, your feedback was definitely true.  I knew that character development was a bit of a weak spot and something to work on if I decide to expand the game.

Thanks so much for playing, and know that what you're doing by reviewing these games is good work.

Thanks friend! I'll definitely look forward to future releases of your games even if it's not this one, definitely understand the time constraint you did great with it.  Thanks for responding back as well I truly appreciate it glad you enjoyed the video! :D